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What Does a Mat 2 Form Mean?

The Social Security System or SSS is a state-run social insurance program in the Philippines for workers from private and informal sectors. The SSS was established by virtue of Republic Act No 1161 better known as 'The Social Security Act' which became law on July 2nd, 1954 making it one of Asia's most comprehensive programs to protect its citizens from poverty.

It provides retirement benefits to old-age citizens and even enables women to claim for Maternity Benefit for Employed SSS Members. For employers to access the funds, they need to file Form MAT 2 that is nearest the SSS branch. `

Who Should Fill out a Mat 2 Form?

MAT-2 maternity benefit reimbursement may require all-female voluntary, self-employed, overseas Filipino, workers (OFW), household employers, and non-working spouse members. Moreover, female members who do not have employment at this time and do not have any extra payment in advance of maternity benefit from the previous employer.

The qualified female member is eligible for maternity benefits. There must be at least three contributions within 12 months before childbirth, miscarriage, and emergency termination of pregnancy (ETP). In self-employment cases, voluntary and OFW members tend to submit maternity notifications through the official portal.

Additional Details on a Mat 2 Form

The requirements for Mat 2 Form include a certified true copy or authenticated copy of the Birth Certificate registered with the Local Civil Registrar. In addition, it involves Operating Room Record or Surgical Memorandum duly authorized concerning the hospital where members belong.

Moreover, it requires a Fetal Death Certificate duly registered through the Local Civil Registrar. It is essential to receive maternity notification duly stamped by the SSS before the date of childbirth/miscarriage 2. For this purpose, the member needs to pay at least three monthly contributions completed in 12 months period propr to childbirth or miscarriage.

In addition, a true certified copy or authenticated copy of the Birth Certificate duly registered is also required along with registration from the Local Civil Registrar. In the case of Cesarean Delivery, the requirement is a true certified copy or authenticated copy of the Birth Certificate duly concerning registered with the Local Civil Registrar.

There is also a need for operating Room Records or Surgical Memorandum duly certified from the hospital. In the case of Stillbirth, a fetal Death Certificate is duly registered with the Local Civil Registrar.

When it comes to miscarriage or Abortion, there is a requirement for a pregnancy test before and after miscarriage/abortion. In addition, there is a requirement for a medical Certificate/Obstetrical history that tells about the number of miscarriages duly certified.

Besides, the certification should have an attending physician with his license number, signature, and printed name. Moreover, a D & C Report duly certified by the authorized hospital is also needed by the authorized hospital representative.

If the member is separated, there is a requirement from the last employer with an exact effective date of separation from employment. If the member is voluntary, a copy of approved SS Form E-5 c is required. If the member is self-employed, there is a need to copy the approved SS Form RS-1.

How to Complete a Mat 2 Form Accurately?

Follow the below-given guidelines to fill out a Mat 2 Form.

  • First, you need to get your online template and fill it in using advanced features.
  • Secondly, you need to find a legal specialist, create a scheduled visit, and select afro. A private meeting that will help you complete the PH SSS MAT-2 from start to finish, which would help if you opened it up with the cloud-based editor.
  • Afterward, you will find the empty areas that you need to fill with the required information. It can include involved parties' names, addresses, phone numbers, and related information.
  • Then you will customize the blanks with fillable areas. After that, add the time and day along with placing an electronic signature.
  • Finally, click on the option, Done, and follow by double-checking all data.
  • Then you have the option to save the ready-produced record to your system. Also, you may download and get it printed as a hard copy if required.

What Are the Essential Uses of a Conventional Mat 2 Form?

Women who are pregnant are eligible to fill this form to receive Maternity Allowance. It is suitable for women who do not get Statutory Maternity Pay.

If you are an employed person, your employer needs to notify the SSS through submitting Form MAT-1 for about 60 days from the date of submission. In case of failure for rule on notification, maternity claim may result in denial.

In addition, your employer needs to provide maternity benefits to you within the deadline of 60 days, and it gets counted from the date you file your maternity leave application. Further, your employer may apply for reimbursement for the advanced amount by filling one copy of SSS MAT-2. They need to submit it to the SSS branch with an active records bill.

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